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A Supported Housing Success Story

Publish Date: December 16, 2021

After overcoming various obstacles and challenges throughout his childhood and early adolescence, Jake had finally reached a place of safety, stability and independence. He had been housed in a Pathfinders Supported Housing program for 16 months with a graduation date set, had participated in weekly independent skill development, was seeing a therapist he trusted and was working his dream job.

Then, COVID-19 hit, and everything changed.

Within a couple of weeks, Jake was laid off of work and had no income. He filed for unemployment benefits but heard nothing by the time rent was due. Feeling more anxious than ever, he reached out to his therapist to schedule a session, but all in-person sessions were suspended.

As a part of Pathfinders’ Supported Housing program, Jake knew he could turn to his Pathfinders case manager. Pathfinders kept him in the program and extended his rent and utility subsidy, giving him extra time to stabilize. In-person home visits continued with safety precautions in place. Jake’s case manager also worked with him to identify community resources that could offer assistance as he sought alternative safe income sources.

Jake also visited our Drop-In Center on a more regular basis. There, he was able to do his laundry without cost, gather needed personal hygiene items and connect with peers and staff.

Jake is stable again. He regained employment, connected with virtual and in-person sources of support and graduated the Pathfinders Supported Housing program. Throughout a time of great uncertainty, he remained focused on his goals and knew he could always rely on Pathfinders. We are so proud of Jake and can’t wait to see how his future unfolds.


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