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Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month!

Publish Date: April 25, 2022

Who would we be without volunteers? Certainly a less diverse and nimble organization! We asked staff members what they’d like to say in recognition of Volunteer Appreciation Month. Click here to hear from our Volunteer & Community Engagement Manager, Dominique Lee, and see below for our staff’s heartfelt responses.

“It is easy to be pulled into the negative news cycles and disappointing pain that takes place in the world, but every time a new season begins, there are new volunteers excited to support and be part of the mission at Pathfinders. That may not make headlines, but it’s a constant in all of the years that I have been here, that there are always more people willing to help.

“Thank you for showing up each and every day to help us carry out our mission of empowering youth, changing lives. Our work would be impossible to do without you!

“Volunteers allow our Drop-In Center to function the way it is supposed to. It can be easy to forget that volunteers do much more than provide access to basic support needs. The greatest tool and resource that a volunteer can offer is themselves. The social support of just being who they are allows for a safe and trauma-informed space for youth that utilize the Drop.”

“Thank you to all of our volunteers who are always so flexible in providing whatever is needed to ensure that our members come first and are wholly supported.”

“Young people have the right to have an advocate, but without you this right would not be realized for so many young people in our community. Each and every one of you are my heroes. One youth summed it up perfectly, ‘Advocates make things brighter.’ THANK YOU a million times over for volunteering as a CRAY Advocate to make things brighter!”


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