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A Time to Listen

Publish Date: July 23, 2020

The conversations around racial inequity in the past few months have helped to uplift voices that for too long have gone unheard. One of the pillars of our work at Pathfinders is believing young people when they tell us what they are facing and what they need. In their journey towards healing, their voices are always the priority. Their realities are the reality.

This same principle goes for Black voices (including Black LGBTQ+ voices) in the fight for racial equity. Listening to People of Color about their experiences, what they need in an ally (as laid out in this VOX article) and what types of action and rhetoric detracts from the cause is the only way to create meaningful change.

As we know, discrimination thrives best at intersections. People of Color from the LGBTQ+ community have a unique and urgent perspective on prejudice in America. A recent interview by Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service gives insight into why Black Lives Matter needs to include Black LGBTQ+ Lives. Without this inclusivity, the conversation will never reflect all of the violence inflicted upon the Black community.

“Patterson-Ramos said if you’re not also fighting for LGBT Black lives, you’re not fully in the movement.

‘We’ve got to realize that homophobia is a part of white supremacy and that hate against someone that’s different from you is part of white supremacy,’ Patterson-Ramos said.”



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